Pikachu Cup - Pokémon TCG tournament

Hello and welcome to Game Room's 1st Pikachu Cup!
We are excited to bring you the first edition of this Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament for ages 8 to eternity!
Please check the event info HERE, and the rules of the Pokémon Trading Card Game HERE.

This tournament will take place on 18 and 19 of December 2021 in Hertsi shopping center, in front of our store, at Coworking Työtila. Registrations are free until 12.12.2021, at our store. Online registrations are simple: just send us your deck-list via email and we will accept it as registration!

NOTE (8.12.2021): Please be advised that the Seniors Division will be postponed to a better time and with more participants. The Juniors Division will happen on Sunday 19.12 from 14:00 onwards. Junior Division will now include participants up to 16 years old.

E X P E C T E D   S c h e d u l e:

14:00 Round 1 (round of 16)

15:00 Round 2 (round of 8)

15:30 Semi-finals (round of 4)

16:00 Repechage (round of 4)

16:30 Bronze Medal Matches (round of 4)

17:00 Finals (round of 2)

17:15 / 17:30 Award Ceremony 





Click HERE for more info.