Colin McRae Rally 04 - Xbox [used] -

Colin McRae Rally 04 - Xbox

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Colin McRae Rally 04 - Xbox [used]
  • Up to eight single and multiplayer game modes including new 2WD normal/advanced, 4WD normal/advanced, Group B modes, Expert, Stages and Rallies.
  • Drive any car from the start in the Open Championship Mode and compete in a full rally season or specialize in a four or two wheel drive championship.
  • Expert Championship Mode demands your best performance as you compete at the highest level yet seen in a rally video game.
  • Create customised rallies. Put together your favorite or themed stages such as straights, jumps or hills, which can be compiled, saved and played at any time.
  • Test new car parts in challenging sub games to acquire new technology - be it an engine, tires or a suspension test.