[new] PS4 - Evolve (includes Monster Expansion) - Playstation 4 - Gameroom.fi

[new] PS4 - Evolve (includes Monster Expansion) - Playstation 4

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Evolve (includes Monster Expansion) - Playstation 4

In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? Evolve is a next-generation first-person shooter with a heavy sci-fi multiplayer focus. The game pits four-player crews of alien hunters against player-controlled monsters in a harsh and dangerous landscape. With unique abilities, items, and strategies, each alien must be used to their maximum potential to take down the large and increasingly powerful creatures they face. Evolve stage 2 beta for pc is now live with massive changes and is free-to-play! this update features improvements across-the-board including improved matchmaking, enhancements to all characters, visual improvements to maps, optimized performance, and improved player experiences.