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Formula One 99 - Playstation 1

PS1 - Formula One 99 - Playstation 1

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Formula One 99 - Playstation 1 [used]

Formula One '99 is not a game--it's a racing simulation. Slide into a cockpit of an F1, adjust your rear-view mirror, and take your place on the fully customizable grid. An officially licensed product of the 1999 Formula One World Championship, the title sports faithful re-creations of all 16 of the 1999 Grand Prix circuits that are based on designs from the Formula One association. Featuring all the teams and drivers of the 1999 season, including all newcomers and stand-in drivers, it also complies with all 1999 rules and regulations and has the voices of official TV commentators in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish.

Formula 1 '99's third-generation simulation engine provides accurate driving sensations through realistic weather conditions without graphics slowdown or glitches. Also, its recorded F1 engine sounds deliver a true depiction of what a '99-spec Formula One car sounds like.