Mystery RedBox 120+ cards ②

Mystery RedBox 120+ cards ②

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Meet our best-selling product: the Mystery RedBox 120+ cards

NOW ON EDITION ②, with increased chances for rare treasure! 1 in 4 boxes contains at least 1 V or V-Max card or equivalent. 

Test your luck! Secret Rare? EX? GX? V? V-max?

This mystery box contains 120 Pokémon cards + 10 online TCG codes + 1 gift Rare Promo card! The theme and choice of cards changes every month, so be sure to stay updated and find all the treasures we hide.

Perfect to boost up your collection or build your decks.


• at least 10 holo/reverse-holo cards

• 10 trainers

• 10 energies 

• minimum 1 special energy

• rare, uncommon and common cards are guaranteed! 


Randomly selected and repackaged by Game Room Finland Oy.