World Rally Championship (Platinum) - Playstation 2 [used] -

PS2 - World Rally Championship (Platinum) - Playstation 2 [used]

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World Rally Championship (Platinum) - Playstation 2

World Rally Championship is an officially licensed product that features all the cars, teams, and drivers from the official 2001 World Rally Championship. You will battle your way through 108 heart-pounding stages in 14 rallies located all over the world. The tracks are set in gigantic picturesque environments populated with fans, cameramen, and wildlife. The game features extensively detailed 3-D cockpits and drivers, animated by fully inverse kinematics for a true-to-life representation. More than 40 elements of each car have been accurately modeled to determine their individual physics. Cars can pick up dust, mud, and snow and receive collision damage--from shattered windows to torn-off bumpers.

  • 1-2 Players
  • Digital and Analog Control
  • Vibration Function
  • 81 Tracks, plus 10 Two Player Stages
  • Extensively Detailed 3D Cockpit